“Julie is the best! She is a clear and effective teacher to us humans and a strong, gentle trainer with the dogs. She came to our house to help us with problems with our newly adopted dog and our resident cat. She identified our recycling with a used fish can in it as a trigger for problems. I would never have thought of that. Seems she can read the dog’s mind! I HIGHLY recommend her. Being a trained teacher for people myself, I know a great teacher when I see one. Thanks, Julie!”
Bettina O’Brien

We hired Julie to work with our Labradoodle puppy, Mac. She was quick to respond to my initial email and gathered good information ahead of our meeting on what our goals for training were, what our lifestyle was like, what the dog’s personality was etc. When she arrived at our home it was obvious from the first minute of interacting with Mac that she has a truly special understanding and appreciation of dogs. He was immediately drawn to her. She really took time getting to know him and vice versa instead of just jumping into any immediate training regimen. I believe that the time she spends just enjoying and loving the dog really go a long way with their willingness to respond down the road to her direction. In the following sessions she catered her approach to the needs that Mac/We were having. One week we may focus on recall, another on walking on a leash, another on managing separation etc. This resulted in a wonderful customized experience for us and we were able to tackle any issues or problem behaviors early on before they had time to become bad habits. Not only is Julie wonderful with the dogs, she is also a pleasure to work with for humans as well. I enjoyed her visits just as Mac! I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone with a new puppy or an older dog in need of training or behavioral help. With her guidance we have a beautifully adjusted dog who respects boundaries, listens and responds appropriately. Thank you Julie for your wonderful work!
Sarah Shah

“I highly recommend Julie Colt for all your dog training needs.  She has worked with us (we humans really need the training!) and our dogs with great success.  She specializes in training dogs with behavioral issues.  She is fair, honest and dogs love her.”
Brandie Sperling

We had a great experience working with Julie.  Prior to finding Julie we worked with a trainer who employed a shock collar.  Not knowing any better at the time, we went along with this approach, and not only did it not work, but I believe our dog is now harmed from the experience.  Julie was able to help us out in a humane and effective way.  She immediately assured us that our dog was not aggressive, she just needed clear guidelines, and that we could do so in a loving way without causing her any harm.  We are so grateful or Julie’s approach and her obvious love for all dogs.  She has practical skills that work, and she is very clear in her methods. Thank you Julie!

Ariel M

San Francisco, CA

“Julie has an amazing way of communicating with animals. My labrador was having issues with jumping up on people at the front door. He had never worked with a trainer before, and was not super familiar with usual commands. She walked in and with a few subtle gestures and body movements, had him politely sitting and waiting for her to greet him. It was astounding! He responded to her within seconds, as if he’d been undergoing training with her for months! Her kindness and love for animals was evident, and we are so lucky to have found her. I call her the dog sensei!”
Ashley Rader

“I have a five-month-old American Bully pup who has been working with Julie for a little over a month now, with EXCELLENT results!  We’ve done private/individual training and also a few group classes.  In either case, I couldn’t be happier.  Julie is gentle, ever-patient, and seems to have an intuitive understanding of what dogs need.  Her positive reinforcement techniques are incredibly effective.  I’ve seen my pup go from a wild thug-dog (and a constant source of terror for my two old dogs) to a confident, well-mannered little guy who gladly obeys when I ask him to take it “easy” on his sisters.  I love Julie, and you will too! ”
Suzanne Cardiff

“Julie has been great help to us with our anxious dog.  She has advised us in home on several problems, leading to good results!  In addition to loving and knowing dogs so well, she is good with people, tailoring her advice to the different ages and personalities in our family”
Janice Hardy

“Because of the guidance and expert knowledge of canine behavior specialist Julie Colt, Annie our deaf and severely anxious dog, is now experiencing a life of joy we never thought possible.  Julie is a miracle worker.   She’s also lovely to work with and cares deeply and compassionately for animals.   We are proud to know Julie and look forward to working with her again (and again)!”
Monica Stevens

CoFounder , Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, Napa Valley

Working with Julie was a great and productive experience! Our lab mix, Emma, was a horrible puller on walks. We had tried many classes, trainers and tools with limited success. When we had our first baby, walking the dog with the stroller became too much for me. I am so glad I called Julie for help. She listened carefully to my concerns and had many suggestions, including introducing the gentle leader. She helped me to desensitize Emma to the gentle leader as well as the stroller. Recognizing I had a lot on my plate with a newborn, she took Emma for several one on one sessions. She is kind yet firm with dogs and humans alike. Most importantly, I am happy to report that I am now able to walk peacefully with Emma and the baby!”

Madelyn H

Petaluma, CA


I highly recommend Julie–she will help you have the best possible relationship with your dog, and isn’t that what we all want most?

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